Links to Telebehavioral Health Resources

These are key reports related to specialty issues that are discussed by our faculty in various venues such as webinars or in presentations. Please help yourself. They are made available to you as a community service. We’d also appreciate your forwarding a copy of any important report that you think we might want to add. Send your reports to


Evidence Based Telemental Health
Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada Policy on Telemedicine
Guidelines for the Practice of Telepsychology
Health Licensing Board Report
Medicaid Handbook Medical Assistance and Telehealth An Evolving Partnership
Medicare Program; Payment Policies under the Physician Fee Schedule, Five-Year Review of Work Relative Value Units, Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule
Medicare Rule Change
Practice Guidelines for Video Conferencing-Based Telemental Health
Preparing the Interprofessional Workforce to Address Health Behavior Change: Ensuring A High Quality and Cost-Effective Healthcare System
Professional Psychology in Health Care Services: A Blueprint for Education and Training
Psychologist of the Year
Psychologists Use of Email
State Psychology Board Telepsychology Laws/Regulations/Policies/Opinions
Technology Trends Practice
Telepsychology 50-State Review
Telepsychology Guidelines Approved
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