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TBHI is pleased to bring you a variety of checklists and reports to use as a clinical, researcher, educator or policy-maker interested in telemental health, tele-behavioral health, including telepsychiatry, telepsychology, online therapy, and distance counseling. To purchase any document, just click the cover below to be taken to the shopping cart, where purchases can be made by credit card. Order fulfillment can take up to 24 business hours.

40 Questions to Consider When Looking for a Telehealth Job

40 Questions Report



There are many types of employers in telehealth, but the underlying assumptions in these next questions are that 1) the company will be sending you clients/patients, and 2) you can work from your current home or office. In this report, you’ll find a list of questions to help you explore a potential employer’s website, and/or have a well-considered conversation with such employers.

Videoconferencing Checklist: 30 Questions to Ask Each of Your Potential Video Vendors

30 Questions Report


Engaging a video service has many repercussions. Just as moving a painting on a wall of a clinical office can lead to week’s worth of questions from behavioral clients and patients, moving video vendors after having started with one can cause distress and questioning that can be avoided by proper consideration to all clinical and technical needs prior to making a choice about vendors. This brief list of 30 questions can be used to disseminate to all video vendors being considered, answers gathered and compared. Such a comparison will quickly reveal which vendor will best serve the clinician’s requirements for making a well-considered choice prior to using with any clinical population.

Telesupervision Report: List of 200 Evidence-Based References


A reference list of over 200 peer-reviewed books and articles related to supervision and telesupervision for the researcher, student, policy developer and clinician wanting to understand issues of relevance to supervision as they apply to serving behavioral health clients and patients across distance by using various forms of technology. References are formatted in APA style and updated annually.

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HIPAA-Compliance Checklist: Email and Privacy

Email Compliance Report



Behavioral health professionals using email for either clinical or administrative purposes will want to see this convenient summary checklist of issues and processes to consider before engaging with healthcare clients and patients in all healthcare disciplines. Arranged as a convenient checklist, this document will help you not only identify the key factors to consider, but also can serve as documentation to put into your clinical notes as evidence of your having thought through the relevant issues for the clinical population served.

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TBHI Informed Consent Library

TBHI Informed Consent Library


One of TBHI’s most popular handouts at 2-day training conferences, the TBHI Informed Consent Library is a teaching aid that provides 50 legal clauses to consider for your informed consent agreement. TBHI audiences are encouraged to read the items and select 4-5 to be disucssed with legal counsel for possible addition to a telehealth informed consent document.

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TBHI Opening Protocol

TBHI Opening Protocol


Establishing and maintaining the therapeutic relationship is quick and easy with TBHI’s guide for developing an “opening protocol” for telehealth. Suggestions are offered for a variety of clients/ patients and settings. Simply your telehealth service delivery with tools from professionals who are experienced.

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