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TBHI Telehealth Staffing Solution

Are you experiencing patient demand without adequate staffing capacity? TBHI can help

  • TBHI augments your team with a workforce with remote clinical specialists from all 50 states — and in 59 countries.
  • All professionals have received specific behavioral telehealth training.
  • Disciplines include telepsychiatrists, telepsychologists, online therapists, telenurses, telenurse practitioners, telephysician assistants, distance counselors, telespeech therapists, telebehavioral analysts and more.
  • Professionals can be available for remote assessment, triage, and treatment within 30-90 days.

The Telebehavioral Health Institute (TBHI) offers telehealth staffing solutions of two types:

    • Managed Workforce
      • Subcontracted services provide a workforce of our telebehavioral-health trained in-house staff, who have been credentialed, on-boarded and are ready to deliver services. Fee structure includes a setup-fee followed by a flat rate per month.
    • Head-Hunter Introductions
      • We help you locate the professionals you need by creating introductions on a contractual basis. We make the introduction to telehealth specialty professionals; you negotiate your own fees and terms, then hire and manage your team as part of your organization.
  • All our telebehavioral health clinicians have sought behavioral telehealth training on their own. They typically are self-starters, responsible and aware.
  • Many of our telebehavioral health clinicians are willing to be licensed in other states.
  • Any additional training needed by your organization can be offered through our eLearning platform. CE hours may also be available for such training, depending on the discipline of professionals involved.

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